We are the market leader

Our platform is battle tested and proven.

We pioneered the use of blockchain to streamline direct equity issuance in the FCA’s regulatory sandbox. Since then we have grown exponentially, automating all of your administrative needs, not just for the upfront capital raise, but into perpetuity.

Unlike other platforms that say they can do this, ours already does.

We take care of all the regulatory stuff

Our platform is pre-configured to comply with most countries around the world, helping you build your offering documentation, handling all the investor KYC, collecting the investment, issuing the securities, and taking care of ongoing administration.

Managing ten thousand investors becomes just as easy as managing five.

What Assets Can Be Tokenized?

Tokenization is a more efficient means of securitization. We can package and fractionalize almost any asset for investors.


Debt (Loans)

Real Estate

Investment Funds

And almost anything else …

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